REGENER8TIVE is building a network of other like-minded professionals we like to call our “Do-Gooder Network” to contribute time and resources to the full incubation and realization of our community projects.

Our “Do-Gooders” will contribute by:

  • initiating and shepherding projects which are brought to REGENER8TIVE
  • consulting on projects-in-development; 
  • providing organizational resources to active projects; 
  • assisting in fundraising.

Employing the principles of organizing philosophies like Network-Centric Advocacy, which gathers together willing and like-minded human assets to accomplish specific advocacy, consulting or policy goals, REGENER8TIVE seeks not just technological but also human solutions.

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In the biggest threats to humanity, humanity (not technology) must be the answer deployed to solve the problem.

We are in the age of hyper-partisan politics. The implications to advocacy groups and agendas:

  • The new strategy is to build the priority of the issue within the core of each camp.
  • Get better at accepting complexity and contradictions in an overall strategy.
  • Push both camps base to prioritize changes for the sole reasons that the issue appeals to various camps.

Being labeled a “movement” is a reflection of evolutionary status. One person or organization does not qualify as a movement, yet there is no set size of a movement. 

Movements are messy, complex and organic. The movement label is shorthand, an inclusive term of many independent leaders and supporters, their support structures, all that they can tap into, as well as their capacity to disagree as often as they align on work.

Movements are a reflection of self-directed, adaptive, resilient, self-sacrificing, supported and persistent initiatives to work on complex problems. There are no movement structures, but instead a movement is a mass migration of people, organizations, businesses and communities unified in common story, driving to shift culture, policy, behavior and norms. Successful movements build and transform the landscape as they progress providing a base for further progress.