REGENER8TIVE Movement is to develop resilient communities through collaborative efforts using successful principles that we see in nature! Real Hand-ups not Hand outs. 


Rosalie, founder of Regener8tive, believes we can profundly progress implementing unique, non-status quo solutions to address broken systems that requires courage, time, energy and resources.   


Let's apply collaborative principles to economic development in order to develop reliance in communities, educate the public and develop leadership initiatives and programs to prove that we can all be successful by “doing things differently.” Regener8tive is forming committees in each township to brainstorm solutions and  monitor economies  to minimize negative consequences.

We can course correct dysfunction if everyone being negatively effected,  joins together and paddles in the same direction. Collaboratively we can solve all our problems.  Join us and share this website and information with as many people as you can immediately so Together we can course correct! We got this!   

REGENER8TIVE is a Nevada-based 501C3 Not-for-Profit Community Development Organization.


When Covid-19 virus came along, we realized these economically viable solutions, we'd  been working on, would help greatly reduce the panic and fear we saw happening.. These technologies can process our waste to keep our communities sustainable during crisis. (ie:"Back to the Future"Can I get a  HI -5 - Up-top!) This is one possible solution (see below). 

Here is an other non- traditional, Regener8tive solution when can implement ourselves RIGHT NOW.

I believe it is harder to come up with economical viable solutions via government, because of all the middlemen, regulations,lack of responsible spending of tax payers money, bureaucracy and political dysfunction of stonewalling and contention.

Therefore, let's  collectively, as a group of motivated self quarantined citizens, brainstorm economically viable  solutions that will set us all up better the next time we get a surprise attack and not rely on our government to think of it.

Here is the plan to create a POWER OF THE PEOPLE-  REGENER8TIVE  MOVEMENT!


1. Brainstorm and submit our economically viable plan for the next worse case scenario so we are not blindsided.

2. Discuss and Vote on the plan collectively and pick the best one we can come up with collectively. 

3, Contact every Congressional and Presidential  candidates, to see if they would support our solutions that makes the most sense to the people. 

4. Only vote for those 468 Congressional candidates that are accountable to sponsor/cosponsor legislation that would introduce our solutions when they take office and agree when Legislation is presented for a vote to support the solution.  

How's that for solving problems with the  POWER OF THE PEOPLE?   Use this struggle and extra time to gather an army that can brainstorm economical viable solutions and use their voting power to support those candidates who see the value in our solutions.   

We believe that individually we might have some of  the answers and  collectively we have all the answers to all the problems! 


“Where One’s Trash is Another’s Treasure!”

We are promoting a business model that invests time and resources into technologies that can be profitable within 5 years, specifically tech that utilizes some form of waste, and business models where waste from one business is sold to another to become a value-added product. 

For-profit businesses implementing the REGENER8TIVE business model must after 5 years return a % of profits to REGENER8TIVE to “Pay Forward'' our continued development of new businesses that promote the same model of self-sufficiency. Not-for-Profits who receive development assistance from REGENER8TIVE, after 5 years, will then donate a certain % of pro bono assistance to the REGENER8TIVE “Do-Gooder Network.”

 In partnership with REGREEN MACHINE, LLC, REGENER8TIVE applies collaborative principles to economic development in order to develop self-reliance in communities, educate the public about renewable energy and zero waste technology and policy, and develop leadership initiatives and programs to prove that we can all be successful by “doing things differently.”  

In order to receive assistance from the REGENER8TIVE network, your business must follow three criteria: 

  1. The technology, business or organization must address environmental issues 
  2. Businesses return an agreed upon percentage of profits to Renger8tive for a predetermined number of years to “Pay Forward” development of new initiatives. 
  3. Businesses and technologies can be self funded within 5 years.


Our Story

Rosalie, founder of Regener8tive, a successful businesswoman and technology investor, comes from a long line of prominent Nevada citizens that includes Senators, Sheriffs and County Commissioners.  With a lifelong passion for technologies that help solve environmental issues,, Rosalie was inspired by Native American stewardship practices and their efficient “closed-loop” systems which utilized and replenished all parts of their resource base, including waste, with a mind towards caretaking for the next seven generations which is accomplished by  REGENER8TIVE Solutions that benefit everyone in the communities who are willing to do their part  including Zero Net Waste business model . She advocates  real hand ups not hand outs. . She began with her own funds to put this philosophy into practice when she was approached by scientist colleagues to partner with them in zero net waste technology patents. She is using this same courage and taking action approach that her Grandfather Senator Floyd Lamb and Uncle Sheriff Ralph Lamb, taught her.

In her lifetime she has seen her home of Las Vegas grow from a small city of 150,000 to a bustling metro of 3 million that attracts 42 million annual tourists and dumps 800 tons of garbage into the second largest active landfill on Earth.   

Growing up in a prominent Nevada political family, Rosalie witnessed this unchecked growth from behind the scenes of state and local government, who never seemed to think of “the Big Picture” of their long term impact on the community or  environment.

With technology that utilizes our waste products to create energy, food, water and feedstock for other businesses, Rosalie believes that all communities, no matter how impoverished or entrenched in inefficient, harmful programs, can achieve economic self-sufficiency using the REGENER8TIVE Zero Net Waste Business Model.